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Because of these things, you need a strength plan that is going to provide a lot for a little. I’ve used the following plan with many grapplers over the years and it’s always amazed people how much benefit they get from what seems like such a simple plan. (I’ve even had two of the guys who were doing it accused of being “on” something when it came to tournament time.)

The routine is straight blast simple – get ups and push ups and swings.

If you compete in grappling and aren’t doing get ups you’re leaving cards on the table. The get up is a great tool to keep your shoulders healthy and/or check out how well you’re moving for the day. It even has similarities to movements founds in grappling, such as sit outs, sit up sweeps, and even hip escapes.

I always wonder why we skip past push ups so quickly when training clients. At Hardstyle Physical Training they are a staple with our clients for many reasons – they teach you to hold the body stable in the plank position while the arms are producing force. This, according to Sahrmann, is the essence of core stability – the ability to maintain neutral spine while the limbs seek to perturb it. Not only that but they are also an excellent shoulder health exercise and there are some interesting ways we can vary them to add more to our workout. More on that in just a bit.

Swings are there because, well, it’s the swing. The hip power developed from the swing can build an explosive shoot for takedowns, a strong bridge, and also develop the upper back just as the deadlift does, but we get the added benefit of conditioning on top of that.

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