Are Body Weight Exercises Right For You

Why Should I Try Body Weight Exercises?

There are many benefits that you’ll see when you break your normal weight training routine and take some time to also utilize body weight training.  Body weight training gives your joints time to de-stress and also gives your mind a different focus. Several times each year, you should make the switch and stop using weights for two to three weeks and only use your body as a replacement.

Is Body Weight Training Too Easy?

To make the body weight workouts more difficult, you can decrease the time in between sets.  Try resting only 30-45 seconds between sets if you can.  When your just starting out it may be difficult but we always like to say that this is a marathon and not a sprint so do your best and if you need to take a little longer when you’re just starting out then that’s perfectly fine.

You’ll quickly find that these workouts will become just as difficult as the ones that you typically do with barbells or dumbbells. You’ll sweat, burn a lot of calories, and get an awesome pump.

One import key is to try to make my body weight workouts difficult.  You can’t expect to get anywhere if you do five push-ups and quit.  Challenge yourself and try to improve every day.

Check out the video below for some body weight exercises that can get you started and let us know which ones are your favorite.


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